Are Conventional Metal Keys Still Useful?

Are Conventional Metal Keys Still Useful?

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Many households are now embracing new lock technologies, which consequently make metal keys out of style. Some prefer the pass card, rolling codes, and remotes.Others have become “smart”,ones which can be opened using mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and portable computers. With that said, it is inevitable to have this question pop up: “Are conventional metal keys still useful?”Are Conventional Metal Keys Still Useful?

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Well, of course it still is. Homes, especially the humble ones that could not afford the price tag of electronic door locks, will stick to it no matter if it has become so inconvenient nowadays to be fishing out for house keys in your pocket when your hands are unbelievably full. Although all other types of lock and key systems apart from the traditional one that has been used for centuries supposedly offer greater security, nothing is unbreakable. No home is invincible to burglaries and break-ins because ill-meaning people would sure find a way, unless you have additional security devices installed other than just the door lock. Going the “smart” way is not the key towards improved home security. There are some things you can do from your end, which does not necessarily require you have a lock upgrade.

* Keep your keys secured. This is one of the easiest means of keeping your safety risks at a minimum. Lost house keyscould be a way for possible invaders to get hold of your keys and come in unannounced, without any effort.

* Keep your locks locked. High-end lock systems would mean nothing if they are not put into use. If you keep forgetting to lock your doors before you go to sleep or when you leave the house, you make your property an open target for intrusion.

* Choose sturdy, solid materials for your doors and windows. Dishonest people would use any possible entry point to get hold of whatever they want from you. Do not make it like a bed of roses for them by installing too weak of a door or window that are too easy to break into.

* Keep your lock and key systems well maintained. Be sensitive to the needs of your locking mechanisms, especially as they cry out loud for wear and tear of regular use.Our skilled lock technicians could help assess the state of your locks and keys and provide the necessary services to ensure they are in their best fighting form.

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