All You Need to Know About Locks and Security in a Rented Accommodation

All You Need to Know About Locks and Security in a Rented Accommodation

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Security in a rented property can be a confusing issue, with responsibilities for the home held in varying degrees by the landlord or letting agent, and the tenant. In a rental accommodation, the landlord has the responsibility to ensure the security and safety of their tenants. On the other hand, the tenants have the responsibility to minimise the risks.All You Need to Know About Locks and Security in a Rented Accommodation

The responsibilities of both the tenants and the landlord

There are certain regulations that are developed to ensure that a rented property is managed properly and that it is able to meet safety standards. There are several elements that are required to be incorporated in a rented property. For instance, regulations require self-closing fire doors to be fitted to all bedrooms. In addition, a protected escape routes should be available as well as multiple escape routes must be available. In terms of locks, a rented property must have locks that can be opened from the inside without the use of keys. These are called thumb turn locks.

Landlords have several responsibilities, and they include ensuring that there is a clear as well as suitable emergency exits in the property. In addition, the emergency exits should have the appropriate size depending on the number of tenants in the building. Fire extinguishers as well as blankets should be made available.

Landlords should also consider producing a security pack for their tenants, as this can go a long way in improving the overall security of the building. In addition, this can ensure that the tenants know their responsibilities in the matter. Security packs may include tips like making sure that main exit routes are not blocked, securing keys, avoiding the use of dangerous equipment like portable gas and liquid heaters, and developing an emergency exit plan. While some of these tips may be obvious to some, these suggestions can help. For instance, to suggest moving out keys from view and securing them can stop opportunistic thieves from gaining unauthorized access to your home.

Both the tenants and the landlord should also consider fitting door chains, grills, and alarms in addition to installing security lighting, as this can greatly improve the security of the rented property. It is also ideal to regularly change the alarm codes.

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