About Us

About Us

Our company has been providing various lock, key and security services and solutions for car, business and home owners alike for years. We are indeed local, but our team is perfectly mobile and travels fully equipped for every job in the area. Even if you are locked out of your car in the middle of nowhere, count on our locksmith.

Welcome to our company Locksmith Swanley

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide locksmith services, including emergency locksmith in Kent. Whether it is for a lock repair, re-key, master key system, safe installation, and other locksmith needs, you can count us. Commercial, domestic or vehicle locksmith -We can handle it for you.

Address: Hollytree Ave, Swanley
Swanley, Kent
Post code: BR8 7BD
Phone: +44 020 3695 1938

Hours of Operation:

We accept Cash, credit card, etc.
We are masters in car locksmith services and provide urgent locksmith assistance on a 24 hour basis

As a professional locksmith, we have the proper requirements but also qualities to serve you quickly and efficiently. Locksmith Swanley is very professional in every aspect. From the equipment it keeps in its truck to every member of its staff, it makes sure everything is perfect. Perfection is met only when official regulations are met and services are performed with attention. This is the least we can guarantee to our clients, as well as our 24hr locksmith emergency assistance to every one of their urgent needs.

Our Professional Locksmiths are at Your Service

We are a company that cares. We are a company which can be of assistance when you need high security locks for your home, or services when the existing ones are damaged. Our technicians promise efficient work either time. We have experience with deadlocks but also with every security system. Our professional advice when you are searching for new systems will be invaluable and rest assured that our installation competence is ensured, too. We provide services to prevent threats from upsetting your life and that's why their range extends to every one of your needs.

About Us - Locksmith Kent

We are proficient in CCTV/alarm installation as much as in conventional British locks. We can install high tech systems and secure every entrance of your house or office. With our services, you can be sure that your flat or company will be protected with perfectly well installed bolts. There are many variations in terms of security measures on the market and we can help you gain access control with the installation of sophisticated systems. Our technicians are here to install any system of your preference, and our knowledge guarantees expert work.

Our expertise extends to all your car lock needs and thanks to our high tech equipment, we can replace lost car keys and reprogram transponder car keys properly. Although being perfect in all we do is our priority, we never underestimate the value of speed. When it comes to emergency lock issues, we make sure our customers are served as soon as possible and 24/7. This is a promise Locksmith Swanley can make to any of our clients as we own the means and know the way. Contact us for any request!

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Our Infographic in Swanley

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